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 Note 1 - ( Super ) headphones recommended. 
 Note 2 - As you can hear my most favorite sound in the world is that of a softly howling wind - be ready for it.

Nachtwyn ( loose translation : Night Wind )

In the year 1955 I was born as the youngest son of a farmer in the North of The Netherlands, Western Europe. 
In the year 1959 we moved to a huge farm ( at least for me as a kid it was ) about a mile from the nearest village. For me the next 2 years to come were like heaven - they pretty much shaped my current artistry. The 'road' ( it was more like a horse track ) to school was too dangerous for me to travel as a 4 year old kid : this meant... that I was free... as free as a bird in the sky for 2 long years... ( of course in the mind of a kid this felt like eternity... ) 

The thing I remember most about that time was sitting silently somewhere in this huge barn directly connected to the house we lived in. As the first year passed by so did the seasons - and the lights... they dimmed... November came... December came... And there I was : listening now in almost complete darkness to the omnipotent sound of the wind, the rain on the roof - and in the far away distance ( don't forget - I was only a kid at the time ) my mother's voice, almost certainly praising The Lord. What I remember most about her voice was when she finished a song - in one long last vibrating breath... 

 Today ( 50 years later - ) you will find elements as mentioned above in all my art : distant, almost alienated voices - the omnipotent sound of the softly howling wind ; waves of Nostalgia, and waves of Melancholy. 

 Album Nachtwyn 01 - 2015
  Album Nachtwyn 02 - 2016 
 Album Nachtwyn 03 - 2017 

 Johannes Breeuwsma aka Zu Dir - underground sound artist

As I don't believe in reincarnation I work on a lot of projects simultaneously - here are just two of them : 
Gunnthrain - ( Dark ) ambientesque otherwordly surreal experimental atmospheric psychedelic post-rocky and / or neo-folky aural experiences. Gunnthrain's influences range from Joy Division to Biosphere, from Velvet Underground to Cocteau Twins, from Nick Cave to Brian Eno, from Underworld to Mathias Grassow, from Erik Satie to Thomas K├Âner, from Harold Budd to Pink Floyd, and all over again.

Ecce Homo Pietoso - Ecce Homo Pietoso disintegrates then rebuilds ( most of the time ) human voice material only and is greatly inspired by the work of the Anglo-Irish painter Francis Bacon ( 1909-1992 ). His art is famous for its often bold, grotesque and nightmarish imagery. May I add: compassion...? Compassion for humanity...?
< Yours sincerely : Zu Dir aka Johannes >